Some secrets you need to know about Tuck End Auto Bottom:

The Cosmetic Boxes

Everyone knows the importance of packaging. Moreover, there are different packaging types as the need and functions of packaging have changed over time. Tuck end auto bottom boxes are the best packaging solution as they are secure, beautiful, and easy to carry. This packaging style is secure and locks the product inside. It comes in the glued form. That means once the flaps are joined together, products have a secure base. Furthermore, for products with heavyweight or shipment, this packaging style is ideal as it guarantees products' security.

Calamities of putting a blind eye on the quality of packaging:

No matter what packaging style and type you are using for products, the whole game of safety and security depends on the packaging material's quality. A box made of low-quality material can tear off with slight pressure. In this way, the style of packaging cannot save you from disasters. Here are some packaging materials that can save you from embarrassment in front of customers.

The first and highly in use packaging material is cardboard. Why is it so famous? The reason is its printing friendly quality and lightweight. If packaging material is not orienting friendly, it will be of no use for you. The reason is that plain packaging does not good as boxes are now a market tool as well.

When it comes to thickness, this packaging material comes with thickness ranging from 12pt-14pt that is enough for protecting products in the retailing business.
Apart from that, as online business is flourishing, packaging that can keep products safe during the transportation is important. Custom Tuck End Auto Bottom boxes made of corrugated material can perform this function amazingly.

During transportation, products go through many hurdles that can damage them severely. For this reason, tough packaging is essential to keep products safe. Corrugated material is the most popular for this purpose. It comes with flutes that keep product items safe from jerks and bumps on the way. A, B, C, E, and F flutes are available. Each flute has different measurements in thickness. You can get more than one flute as well if a single one dies bot fulfill your desire.

Apart from that, kraft is the most in-demand packaging material due to its eco-friendly quality. Today, people are sensitized to how necessary it is to use products by keeping environmental factors in view. Kraft is a packaging material that is eco-friendly and recyclable. Additionally, this packaging material's recyclable qualities lower its cost by 40% compared to other packaging materials. You can print anything like brand name, product specifications, and all relevant information. Its thickness ranges from 14pt-22pt that is enough for product protection.

An inexpensive way of marketing:

What is the one thing that matters for both well-established and new businesses? Yes! Marketing of products. Whether you want product promotion or brand recognition, marketing is essential. However, there are a lot of marketing tools, but not everyone can afford them. Among them, the packaging is also a powerful marketing tool that everyone can afford. Every brand or marketer needs packaging for products. Why not kill two birds with one stone? The auto-lock bottom of the box protects the product, and printing over it helps advertise and promote the brand.
Print brand name and product description on the packaging. In this way, customers can freely buy products according to their needs. No matter what product you are running a business for, never forget to print the expiry date.

Additionally, choose the right printing technique. For instance, if you are a well-known brand and want boxes in bulk, offset printing is best for you. Contrary to it, if you are opening a new brand and do not want to invest in packaging mire, get boxes with digital printing.
Get tuck end auto-lock bottom boxes now to ensure protection and publicity of brand and product.